Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Watching 'Pokiri'

I had said yes to my coming to 'Pokiri' with my telugu friends and colleagues and had decided to take it as another experience, but this confidence had started waning off when Kaycee told me that you won't understand a word!

So there was some jitteriness when I settled in my comfortable chair in PVR Hyderabad. There was a sense of deja vu. I remembered watching umpteen movies in Noida multiplexes. But almost everything had changed. The people I was watching movie were different, I didn’t know anything about the movie (normally I have pretty much information about any movie I go to watch) and most important I was not sure if I would be able to understand anything! Also, I had never watched any film in any PVR cinema, though we had planned to watch 'Swades' on Neelima's treat but it was just released and was sold out that Sunday.

Today I had chosen my seat carefully. On the left was Chaitanya and on the right was Aparna. No, no I had not taken extra care to be seated between girls on both sides, but so that both could tell me what was going on the screen, who was saying what and all the little tid-bits. And thanks to both, I could understand most of the movie. This is another thing that I didn't like the content! But now atleast I know how it feels to watch a movie in a language I don't know and of course spending 100 bucks on it!


Neha Bhardwaj said...

Wish I was there with you (i know Aparna would have loved it), but it seems a really crazy thing to do.But, I am one of the people who belives that you should try everything in your life. So, good Abhishek, nice try, maybe i'll also try it sometime...

Isha said...

Waching a different language mvie is a bit difficult n scary also at times :)
I to watched one Tamil mvie n tht is "Gajini".....one of my south Indian friend was wid me acting as a translator ........
i can just say after watching the mvie....tht...if i vil get another chance i vil like to watch the movie n this time acting as a translator :)
story, screenplay, dialogues, acting n HERO(surya) ;) .....all was n is gud
but didnt spend much as watched in CD at hostel :)