Monday, July 26, 2010

2 months - End of abstinence!

OK it's 2 days more than 2 months since my last post on this blog, and 3 days more than 1 month since I got back to Hyderabad.

Tweeting has been a very major reason blogging has taken backseat. In my pre-Twitter days I used to blog on every issue I felt about. Sometimes it was just a rant, other times it was something that I felt passionate about. It didn't matter how few people read it.

But post-Twitter, when each tweet goes to Facebook and very often generates comments from people the feelings and thoughts get immediate vent and not stored till the blog is written!

But still I often thought and felt guilty about neglecting my blog which was my interface for the world. The 'comeback post' had to be special. Announcing to the world about my changed marital status with a wedding pic and hence getting some jovial comments from friends, maybe fellow bloggers. But that wasn't supposed to happen and so it didn't. The 'comeback post' was never written and it won't be missed too.

These past few weeks have been eventful. Leave aside the whole marriage and honeymoon factor, I believe I got a bit scarred emotionally by people whom I called 'friends'! I had always dreaded a life where all friends would be busy in their lives (read 'already married') and won't have time for me. Well this nightmare mutated itself such that not only those who were married, but also those who are unmarried got busy in their lives and didn't have time for me. Well, this is no cribbing post so we leave this issue right here!

Everyone asks me how is the married life? The best part of being married is that now I don't have to look for company when I want to go for movie or play :)

One thing about my wedding that I wanted to share: The most defining memory of entire proceedings is of a Muslim photographer Zubair (Hussainganj, Lucknow) guiding my family members the rituals in a typical Kayastha wedding!