Sunday, November 28, 2010

That thing called 'Rahul Magic'!

Since Delhi and Mumbai based TV channels and english newspapers, popularly known as Indian media are busy dissecting the behavior of inmates on Big Boss and elect the winner between 'Munni' and 'Shiela' they come up with terms like 'Rahul Magic' when they have shortage of time to analyse issues like state and center elections. (For north eastern states they don't have ANY time, so they don't even talk about those states!)

After Congress's epic drubbing in Bihar elections the question now being asked is 'Is Rahul magic just a myth?'. Till just a few days ago Rahul Gandhi was being projected as the 'PM-in-waiting' (sorry Mr Advani, you are past the expiry date) because pollsters and political pundits saw victory in Loksabha elections in UP due to this 'Rahul magic'. They coolly chose to ignore that Congress didn't perform half as well in the assembly by-elections.

Those who say that NDTV is on the payroll of Congress, were having a field day as this was NDTV which even put the question: Do you see Rahul Gandhi as PM of India.

I believe using the word 'magic' (or 'effect') is insulting the people's opinion. When UP voted for Rahul Gandhi it was not because it was Rahul Gandhi who was asking for their votes. It was the craving for development which has eluded UP and Rahul Gandhi's promise to deliver on that front. He was the only one talking about development when everyone else was still using casteism as main card. But in Bihar everyone was talking about development. Even Lalu and Paswan were promising that they can deliver. Rahul Gandhi's strategy of promising development while trying to punch holes in Nitish's report card found no takers and understandably so.

Secondly, a major impact of Rahul Gandhi was seen on the UP Congress which seemed rejuvenated. In Bihar that didn't happen. By fielding people like Pappu Yadav and Lovely Anand and without any party cadre on ground, hoping that just because people were flocking to Rahul Gandhi's rallies was like hoping Farah Khan to make a 'Kagaz Ke Phool'!

So there was never anything like 'Rahul Magic', atleast on the electorate. As usual media made instant judgements then and it is making them now. As soon as they told us Rahul Gandhi has charmed us then, they are telling us that charm is wearing off!

But they fail to understand that 'We the people' are not fools!