Sunday, May 28, 2006

The results are out...

So after the tense exam season, even more tense result season is here. And you will admit that the nervousness, tension and high drama are at their respective peaks in the metros.
Partly due to the higher career consciousness and cut-throat competition between students. Partly due to the social structure in these cities where the educational institute (school/college) and academic standing of their ward is yet another addition to ever expanding criteria for status war between the high and mighty. And partly due to yet another example of the media hypocricy!
The editors, associate editors, sub-editors, assistant editors and other gazillion editors of every newspaper and news channel will write reams and speak terrabytes of crap to convince us that exam pressure is ruining the youth in our country and that education should be rescued from this vicious circle. But come the result season and they will be out there with full force covering this phenomenon as if country's next 100 years are going to depend on these results only. With so much media coverage and glare of cameras who won't feel the pressure. On one hand the media is making the exams a high pressure activity and on the other hand crying foul. Perhaps the reason enough that 90s are just not sufficient anymore.
I was also a CBSE student, an average student in a middle class city of Uttar Pradesh, Allahabad. I scored 82 and 83 percent marks in 10th and 12th Board exams respectively. You may say I was mediocre (I won't mind if you rate me lower!) but I was satisfied, and so were my parents. Later I felt that competitive angst in my father's words but that was not related in any manner with my results in these exams.
But ofcourse life was easier in those days. After all CBSE results were never publicised much in local papers and even with UP Board results everyone played cool! One had to wait, sometimes whole day, to get the results newspaper, with vendor charging upto 10 Rs. if your number was there and nothing if you had ducked!
But the times have changed. The information just got faster, the competition tougher, the pressure more severe and since all other aspects of schooling and education have changed (some even lost their innocence and reached adulthood!) maybe it was natural path for the results to follow.
Congratulations to everyone who just stepped outside the school finally.


Neha Bhardwaj said...

CBSE results are still fine, competitive exams are more gruelling... I had gone with my cousin, who was appearing in UP Pre-Medical Entrance... The plight of parents who had come there from distant places was horrible. In the May sun, poor parents had to sit outside as no arrangement had been done by the authorities for them, so all of them sat in the park of an institute just in front of the exam center... but they were asked to get up from there too... I met a lady whose daughter was appearing in that exam... she had come alone from Banaras and had made her daughter take tutions from Kota for a whole year... The lady herself seemed to be a housewife and from a middle class family but I was amazed to look at the vision she had for her daughter and she was also planning to admit her younger daughter in Delhi for her twelfth... With the parents being so aware and concerned, on top of that media being hyperactive (even print media, they take out the photos of all students getting above 90% in boards or scoring good ranks in competitive exams), result seasons are bound to be tense... Imagine, the kind of hard work all the kids are putting up and then they have to face the reservations.......