Saturday, May 06, 2006

Death of a Human Being

As I sit in my cubicle (on a saturday!) listening to songs on my friend's new Video iPod, not-so-comfortable thoughts haunt me. This week has been terrible, no not for me personally, but for the country as a whole, perhaps the world! Should I give you an account of tragedies in this week? OK, these are the ones that caught my attention:
  • Armenian Plane crashed killing 113 onboard.
  • Militants killed 35 people in Jammu and Kashmir.
  • Bus fall into gorge in Uttaranchal killing all 21 passengers.

And apart from these, Pramod Mahajan and Naushad Ali left us.

You will say, what is new in this, accidents occur with regular and frightening frequency and people die, killed in these accidents, shot by their brothers or simply due to organ failures. You are right.

I am just surprised by my apathy! Why is that my heart doesn't cry for the victims' families? People who kept on waiting for their dear ones to come with the ill-fated plane or that bus, people whose families were butchered in front of their eyes?Why have I become so selfish? If those people are not my relatives or friends, I am not at all bothered!

Am I losing my humanity?


Vaibhav said...

no you are not losing humanity .

Its human nature to feel panic and misery when something happened bad with them or their belovers..

better to say - human never have the humanity .. so there is no question in losing it.

but ya we are always here to make difference and that is imp. "IS WE ARE LEARNING FROM THIS" ...
IS we get ourself sure that these things will not happen again !!