Friday, May 26, 2006

The Great Indian Robbery

Let me clear at the very outset, I HAD great respect for the PM, Manmohan Singh. I believed and trusted the CEO-Chairman relationship between him and Mrs. Gandhi. I thought that even though he is not a great statesman like Vajpayee, atleast he is professional who knows that he has to deliver and deliver within certain timeframe. He started well, and even though his boat was occasionally rocked by Left, the duo managed to sail smoothly.

Things started going in rough weather : privatization drive nearly died down, infrastructure development activities started lagging and halted routinely, agricultural sector continued to be ignored, terrorism in Jammu & Kashmir and Naxalite activities in almost whole India continued unabated (when Government was busy giving us statistics over how these activities have come down actually) , prices rose like Sensex does (the only difference is that prices never crash like hell). But the government continued its honeymoon period! Left Parties were blamed for anything and everything! I still respected the PM!

But instances in past one month or so, have made me rethink. First the increased quota issue. I think that PM in his heart knows that this move is going to set India back by a decade atleast, in the field of higher education and technology areas. But he is helpless. He can't muster up courage to speak up against his own partymen and colleagues and the leaders (do they deserve to be called leaders actually?) of his coalition supporters. He must have been in a fix becuase his own very special men in National Knowledge Commission have resigned over this issue!

And to be very honest, this is one of the reasons I don't respect him anymore. I had envisioned him as a visionary. A real technocrat who has the understandings of things. I understand that it is the politics that is making him do these things, but I think he would have won more supporters had he initiated a debate over need and efficacy of the reservation. He could even have become a "martyr" like Mrs. Gandhi! But maybe it's too demanding. After all you don't get to become PM of India everyday.

Second is his behavior in Kashmir Round Table conference. Hurriyat Conference openly insulted him and all Indians by first demanding a high level talk and then refusing to attend it, calling the senior political leaders there 'a group of Hypocrites'. I understand that at times you should keep quiet for the sake of diplomacy but I can't support that PM says 'We hope Hurriyat will join us at the right time'! Sorry Boss.That's plain spine-less behavior.

Now you get why I said in the beginning, I HAD respect for the PM,Manmohan Singh.


Neha Bhardwaj said...

Manmohan Singh is a great visionary, no doubt, but the structure of the Congress and his loyalty towards it is stopping him from speaking the right thing. I don't know, whether its just my fancy, but I think the latest appearances of PM on the news bulletins seemed as he has been trying to conceal and speaking what the party wants him to. Maybe it's my fancy or it seems so to me because of the respect I have towards him. I just cannot accept the fact that personally the PM supports the reservation issue. Both the PM and President of our nation at this point of time are great visionaries, people who have achieved so much in their lives and again returned it all back to the country. These people are not politicians, they are thinkers, implementers, people under whom I expected, our country will progress greatly. Abhishek, I read that interview of Arjun Singh's in CNN-IBM's site (the link that you sent). I think pathetic and redicilious are very small words for that. This is how politicians rule our lives. Arjun Singh, though such a senior and respected politician, has just not played the role which was expected out of a person of that stature. Manmohan Singh, I think has become a victim of the situation. But, he is expected to stand by what is right and stop being loyal blindly. Hopefully, the 'GREAT' PM and President will ultimately do what is 'RIGHT'.