Wednesday, August 06, 2008

It's up and running!

Yeah...seems submitting that bx- error helped!

Ladies and Gentlemen! Presenting a new look 'Journey of a Thousand Miles' v2.0 (beta). There are still some rough edges which I have to iron out, but hope you like the new look. Please send me your comments and suggestions.

Image: Snapshot of my first ever blog post dated 2nd March 2005, dedicated to God himself!


Praveen राठी said...

That's really catchy!

बहुत सुंदर लग रहा है |

Tell me na, how to do it? I also want to change the looks of my page. Please! Please!

Abhishek said...

:) Thanks.

Ok, for changing the template first you need to search for a template on net.

After you have found one, save your current template. Download it. But keep in mind that you may lose all your customizations. There are some steps (which I don't know!) to save even those it seems.

Upload the new template and you are done!

Neha said...

v nice...bahut aacha lag raha complaint didn't pile up...see those people respond to complaints :)

Praveen राठी said...

लग गई!
इसे कहते हैं: जोश में होश खोना |
Look at my page. I have nothing left :(
I am thinking of spending the whole day on this now. Actually, I have to.

Praveen राठी said...

Something is happening at my blog!

One thing I am very certain about is - "I have lost all my widgets and all that needs to redone"

Save ... Save ...