Sunday, August 03, 2008

How Blogger maimed my blog

You see the new look of this blog, a much stripped down version of its former glorious self (ok, atleast I thought so!). Denuded of all its widgets, links and images it makes me shed copious tears everytime I see it.

This is because someone (or some many) at Blogger care a damn for users. This is what happened:
I wanted to change the looks of my blog from quite sometime and though I knew it is not going to be as easy as in Wordpress, I still searched for a good template and decided to upload it. I downloaded the existing template and uploaded the XML file of the new template. I was shown the list of widgets that would be deleted. When I press 'Confirm and Save' I get an error telling me that something wrong has happened and my action can not be completed at this moment. An error code is shown (in unusually large font!) bX-xdmtya and other blog specific details and I am told to report it to Blogger support or the Blogger Support Google Group.

Have you ever reported an error to Google? There doesn't seem to be a straightforward path for doing that. On this 'Blogger Help Group' people post their problems and if you are lucky then you can find some solution to your problem otherwise your problem becomes a part of the heap, which it seems mine has become. After more frantic searching I found a link for reporting the bx error codes. Here is the link

I don't know what to do about my lost widgets. Will try to figure out something very soon!


Vaibhav said...

oh bad ! this happens I guess. When you put the new theme, you lose the prev. settings, though its not fair at all.

Varun said...

Exactly, I have also been through such situations..Its really bad!

Praveen राठी said...

Yeah! I noticed the new look of your blog 2 days back and was wondering where are the fancy things.

I also have a problem - My page loads with errors. And I don't know why. I thought of changing the template to fix this but after reading your experience, I am afraid to do so. :(

Abhishek said...

It's done! I am amazed...I am surprised and I am happy :)
I tried the same thing today and it worked.
ye ye yippee yippee ye ye!