Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Trying to Sell Nothing to Everyone!

One of the most satisfying aspects of working in Oracle, is working for Oracle Volunteers. The challange is that the 3000 people who are going to get your mail, should not direct it to trash! Oracle Volunteers doesn't spam so there is thin chance that you will get 2nd chance to say what you wanted.

This one was for Eye Donation Awareness camp, organized by Sakshum. People liked it but I feel I could not implement the idea I really had! Anyways Sakshum took printouts of this one and used it as flyers as well.
Ora Revels is undoubtedly the biggest event organized by Oracle Volunteers Hyderabad. It is designed as a platform for employees to interact with representatives and kids of many of the NGOs being supported by Oracle Volunteers. So on the day of event, there are lots of stalls for food, games etc. apart from the stalls put up by NGOs to sell stuff and show their work.

This one was for Magic Show in Ora Revels 2008. The sole reason I like this mailer is the 'Graffiti' image, which was generated by using the jMaki Flickr 'Word' widget in Netbeans IDE. A little shadow effect by Photoshop and it was ready to go!

Hmm... not a great tagline but I like the image of the cup. For souvenir sale in Ora Revels 2008.

Ahh... this one was never sent! Bhima Rao was our company's security incharge. Raghu declined to send this one and with very heavy heart I had to remove the defintely catchy heading with a boring 'Security guidelines for Today' :(

This one is one of the favorites. Sent on the morning of the Ora Revels 2007, it grabbed sufficient eyeballs.

Repeating the calendar was a gamble, but I was so hopelessly behind schedule for designing mail for announcing Ora Revels week 2008, that something had to be done. I got this calendar from my former roomy, shot it in office and guess what that 'Ora Revels week!' was written in Photoshop!

Ora Revels changed name and became Ora Fora. With a new logo and theme! I did only this one mailer for the D-day. Took the screenshot of that day's TOI and changed the headlines and masthead. Funniest response was from Naresh, who called me to tell that he can't read the text in paragraphs! (Raghu teased me over use of Blue and Red, calling it sponsored by Times Now!)

Adopt a Child Educationally is another scheme being run by Oracle Volunteers since past 1 year and has entered its 2nd year now. This mailer was somewhat inspired by Toyota's Amir Khan ads.

Repeating any campaign is difficult. I thought very hard for some idea for this year's ACE campaign. This one struck me when I driving to home from office. Once again, I felt that I could not implement it as well I would have wanted, the final version was much better that first cut, thanks to Raghu's motivation!

Though this one was for Premalayam's Vote Campaign, it was sent to Oracle Volunteers as well and was appreciated for its different take on elections!


Kanupriya said...

U've done all this? Truly amazing! I loved the election one, missing "i" from phone & pod and shortcut to ACE the most. Damn creative and I very seriously meant it :)

msr said...

Brilliant, Sir!

Pradip said...

good creativity Mr.Abishek

Abhishek said...


Thank you, thanks so much! Praise from a professional is definitely so pleasing :)

@MSR, Pradip

Thanks very much, guys.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for everything Abhishek. Those campaigns were revolutionary and the volunteer community really took notice. It went a long way to further the cause.


Santosh Dadi said...

These posters remind me all those events and the great response we got for these mailers. Thanks for all these Abhi!
We are looking for more!!

Swati said...

Great work Abhishek. All posters/logos are too creative and catchy.

I still remember the day when we were deciding the clock size/color for Ora Revels 5:00 clock reminder. It was fun creating those mails.

Keep up the good work and the flame on...:)


Vaibhav said...

Great work Abhishek !

Puneet said...

Great work Abhishek, is your fullname Abhishek Asthana???

Librangirl said...

Nice & creative...!!!

Abhishek said...

Thanks so much. It was a truly humbling feeling reading your comment.

I really want to keep on creating new stuff. Only thing is that I want new people to be given a chance!

And you remember 'Police' as well I hope ;)

@Vaibhav, Librangirl
Thank you so much :)

Yes, my name is Abhishek Asthana. Do you know me?

Puneet said...

Well..not really, but I read about the Water Harvesting project that you were associated with. I work for Oracle Bangalore and was wondering if the same project can be implemented here as well.

Praveen राठी said...

Am I too late to read this? :(

Now when I have read this, I won't be late in appreciating your creativity. :)

Great work with those innovative designs!