Sunday, May 15, 2011

The broken roads of HITEC City!

The HITEC City area in Hyderabad once used to be the sole hub of IT industry in the city with the presence of best knows corporates in one of the various IT parks in this area. While many other areas like Gachibowli have gained prominence in the recent years with biggies setting up their own campuses in the area, HITEC City still rules in the minds of people.

However on one hand we have the swanky looking glass and aluminium buildings which make the area look really hitech and on the
other hand is the complete Govt. apathy which has ensured the roads of this area are worse than many slum areas!

And if the roads are good enough to rattle your bones the speedbreakers are good enough to break down your vehicles.

There are several foreign honchos who visit companies everyday. On one hand they witness the efficiency of the private companies and on the other they witness the pathetic state of infrastructure outside. Hope the authorities will wake up and see that they spend some of the money they generate from HITEC City on its welfare too!


Shweta said...

even after taking some so much of tax govt. hardly do anything for us :-( ...Lets wait for elections to see if govt is giving some lucrative offers to us .In HITEC CITY it will be roads

Swaroop said...

If you've seen they're laying out roads on the Hitech city main road (now) only while the inner roads remain pathetic.