Monday, May 24, 2010

Parenting: Version 2

I don't really know what it is like delivering a baby because of two reasons:
1) I have never done it.
2) I am not a woman and will never do it.

And I believe that saying you know/understand person's condition because you empathize/sympathize with him/her is a lie until you have actually been in their shoes at some point of time!

So this is precisely the reason I am not saying that releasing the new DYPC website was equivalent to delivering a baby. Apparently you may draw some parallels: time consuming, pain inducing and most of all frustration of bearing all the pain (and frustration!) alone. But then as they say the joy of delivering a beautiful baby and getting the bouquets (and some brickbats too!) is also unparalleled.

But there is this strange feeling of being tired by the efforts. Specially the 80-20 principal that came into picture. The last 20% of work of fixing the look and feel, getting the right banner, writing proper stylesheets to take care of fonts and colors etc. actually took 80% of the time. And it won't be wrong to say that it drained me.

There is a lot to be done still. A key volunteer module is not working ever since I used Hibernate and Generics in the code, that has to be fixed. Admin module has still not been migrated completely and there are some rough edges there. The request and donation pages have to be made paginated. Somehow DYPC enhancements are never ending!

S says it's your baby and you HAVE to take care of it even if nobody else does. She is right. But parenting is never easy!


Kanupriya said...

Oho, wah wah...somebody has already started writing parenthood, drawing parallels to baby and listening to "S" :). Cool hai.
Must say that new DYPC is looking cool, yes there can be some small issues or fixes here and there but overall a nice change and a praiseworthy effort :)