Thursday, December 04, 2008

This blog just got an award!

So, I finally decided to 'resiliently' move on. (I guess 'resilience' is the only word more ridiculed than 'dandy' in context of Shivraj Patil!)

On the morning of 27th November (the first morning of the nightmare) I commented on Kanupriya's blog "Thanks ... Not just for the award, but for bringing first and only thing to cheer on this morning!"

Thanks so much Kanupriya :) This is my first and only award for any blog (sniff! sniff!) And coming from my first 'blogger' friend makes it even more special!

Ok, now the rules of the award:
  • Put the logo on your blog. (Yeh bhi koi kahne waali baat hai yaar!)
  • Link the person who awarded it to you (same as above: Yeh bhi koi...)
  • Link the bloggers you are about to honor (hmm.. yeh to kahne waali baat hai :)
And I am very happy to announce my favorite blogs:

Mixed Expressions/Marketing Chit Chat by Kanupriya : (No you cynic, it's not mandatory to give it back to the person who gave you the award!) Kanupriya's both blogs are actually lot of fun. (Specially the second one!)

Overated Outcast: Absolutely cool and funky blog.. one of the funniest stuff on my blogroll and off it!

Manyuscripts: Stamp of professionalism all over it, yet very cool stuff. I love the 'Brants' specially.

Everyday Gyaan by Corinne Rodrigues: The most serene place in text!

Serendipity! Is It? by Priyanshu: He is my former collegemate and flatmate and knowing him personally, I find it amazing that his blog reflects his personality completely :)

Congratulations.. ladies and gentlemen. (You can thank me personally by buying me a Veg. burger. Ok..even bhelpuri would do!)


ubuntu said...

that was a nice pleasant surprise... among all these production issues and sleepless nights

thankx bud.

I'll surely link my fav blogs too

Over Rated said...

Wow .. wow .. wow .. That's so generous of you abhishek ....
Really, thanks buddy .. thanks a lot.

Okay. You know, the first time you commented on my blog, I'd though you wouldn't come back because of all the harsh language I use .. so you can imagine my surprise to receive this from you ... :P ...

Kanupriya Sindhu Ramrakhyani said...

Yayyyy, Congrats and Thanks :D