Thursday, December 25, 2008

OkTataByeBye does a MMT with 'Gajodhar'

If anyone had any doubts of what a cult Aamir Khan's rendition of Surya's original outing in 'Ghajini' is turning out to be, the latest viral from is here to clear all of them!

This is absolutely hilarious stuff and brings back memories (after Ghajini this word has acquired a completely new meaning, isn't it?) of brilliant virals from and Airtel. And if you are not suffering from any kind of amnesia ('anterograde' or whatever!) you will remember that it was MMT only (another travel and tour related site) which started this trend of virals in India.

Incidentally the OTBB viral has been done by who had done all the MMT and many other virals.

Watch ALL the WebChutney virals here:


Kanupriya said...

Yeah, I also received this viral. I liked it but didn't like it a lot. In fact my next post would have been on this only...actually to me it didn't look very funny whereas having known webchutney for sooo long now I know that they are capable of doing much interesting stuffs.
BTW Oktatabyebye is a travel community from makemytrip only and the whole thing was done by Webchutney.

Abhishek said...

Ya, I mentioned that last point na.

Nautankey said...

Ayyo none of them opening for me at work. will check at home. Meanwhile here is one ghajini spoof by a good freind which I loved :)

Abhishek said...

@ Nautankey
Really your friend has made fantastic stuff. I told him to show it to Aamir Khan :)

Varun said...

Lol, this needs more publicity than Ghajini ;)

Abhishek said...

It is actually getting lots of publicity. I saw a post on this morning only!
Kanupriya might be writing about it next.