Monday, February 18, 2008

No surprises in Maharashtra!

Neha wanted me to write about what is 'happening in Maharashtra'. She is surprised that a 'goonda can so easily take on a democratic nation' and feels that 'you have to pinch yourself to believe that it is actually happening'!

Frankly I didn't want to write about this because:
1) This would be playing in the hands of this frustrated political nobody called Raj Thakeray, who did not seem to have any political future till two weeks ago. His 'political' party has failed to make any dent in the vote bank of bigger parties. Even the idea of this violence is a hackneyed plot enacted so many times by Shiv Sena against South Indians, Muslims and North Indians over the years.

2) I am not surprised by any of these happenings! Across the world politicians/goons/crooks have encashed this opportunity to gain power by inciting violence against migrants, however significant their population/contribution to economy may be. E.g. Indians were the target of Idi Ameen in Uganda where they were living since many generations and had earned lot of wealth.

Many in the country however believe that it was media's coverage that gave Raj Thakeray a larger than life platform and hence a motive big enough to hold state to ransom. He was on national TV on primetime and front page of dailies across the country! The man who was nothing more than Bal Thakeray's unhappy and unsuccessful nephew was being talked about in editorials and panel discussions! Ain't that an achievement?

Though to be fair I would say that media (I am not aware of Marathi media) did not try to paint him in positive ever, but his goal was achieved and how!

Vir Sanghvi has written a quite insightful column in this week's Counterpoint (Age of Intolerance, Hindustan Times, 17th Feb, Sunday) about the that is happening daily in this country under different garbs. Be it beating North Indian workers or destroying theaters showing 'Jodha Akbar'. He himself asks questions about media adding fuel to the fire by letting these hooligans gain their five minutes of fame.

But these 'Editors' keep on asking such questions while their correspondents keep on forcing mikes in the faces of grieved and injured asking for bytes, and keep running behind every Raj and Rakhi who cares to give them something to fill the gaps between the ads on their channels.

So unless media stops this policy of running with hare and hunting with hound (by giving ample coverage to such crooks for gaining TRP and criticizing them for being self righteous), don't be surprised by such acts.


Abhishek said...

Excerpt from a news in

Benegal said there were only a handful of people protesting the film and blamed the media for hyping the issue.

"Forty channels are reporting that people representing Rajput organisations are staging protests against the film and preventing its screening. There may be 50 people staging the protest, but the moment the news comes on national channels, you think it is a national problem," he said.

Neha said...

tats though is not directly supporting thackrey...but has definitely fulfilled his ambition...his political career is over (though it never started)...but what I hate is that an ordinary man has been made to suffer...these people (migrant workers)...are away from their homes and work hard to earn a meal for themselves and their families...what is wrong is that because of raj thackrey and his stupid publicity people's lives are being destroyed...govt should do something drastic here...newys...i think they would now...nashik has suffered losses to the tune of Rs 400 crores in just 15 days after about 10,000 migrant workers fled to their 'own' states...i hope the govt wakes now...

Vaibhav said...

Ya nothing surprising even for me. You know I never see news channel(s).

Give reply of my simple question: How should a common ppl live. Common ppl ranges from me, you to Atta-Chaaki wala.

Where to go if you go panic ? Police, Politician, Public .. I don't think so. If throwing some small amt of money will not work.

Sounds good that we need to change things... but come on road, it will sound very panic.

Amal said...

Yes Sir, I agree with most of the things. The most corrupt "institutions" in India are the polity and the media (not to forget the bureaucracy).
The least we can do is change ourselves for good (a positive change).