Friday, December 17, 2010

Breaking News: Lashkar-e-Taiba sues Rahul Gandhi over Wikileaks remarks

In what is believed to be world's first case of its kind, Pakistan based terrorist organization Lashkar-e-Toiba has filed a defamation suit against Congress general secretary Rahul Gandhi.

In a press conference organized at Islamabad's posh convention center LeT spokesperson pointed to the recent cable release by Wikileaks in which Rahul Gandhi said in a 'candid chat' to US ambassador that Hindu extremism is a bigger threat to India than LeT.

The spokesperson said that Mr Gandhi has humiliated LeT by ignoring all the meticulously planned terror activities that LeT conducted in India. He said these terrorist incidents have killed hundreds and caused economic losses worth millions. Not only this, LeT has spent a lot in recruiting and training Pakistani and Indian youth for terrorist activities but Mr Gandhi chose to be unmindful of all those efforts, investments and even cooperation from Pakistani establishment.

The spokesperson said Mr Gandhi's comments have not only deeply hurt LeT cadre's morale but also destroyed carefully cultivated image that LeT has gained across the world over the years. He said it is very disturbing to even think that even after dedicating their entire life to destablizing and threatening India their efforts are not being recognized even in India.

When asked how does LeT want to regain the lost reputation, he said they have vowed to relaunch far more deadlier attacks in India so as to raise themselves in the eyes of 'non-believers' like Mr Gandhi.


Smita said...

Lol! Man you are creativity or rather imagination is awesome! Loved this post for the tongue in cheek humor :D

Vishwadeep Asthana said...

nice one bro.. only a group like LeT can do that..

Abhishek said...

Thanks a lot Smita.


I hope you've understood the satire!

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Good to see the stand out satire piece here.

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Anonymous said...

very interesting, thanks