Saturday, December 05, 2009

Pictures worth thousand words and more!

Who ever said a picture is worth a thousand words was a lazy writer who went on a nice journey and shot hundreds of pics. He/She came back and then sat down to write the memoirs but was unable to do so and hence decided to just share the pics.

So without much ado, here is the reason and result of my 10 day trip: Kolkata-New Jalpaiguri-Darjeeling-Maney Bhanjayang-Dhotrey-Tunglu-Tumling -Kali Pokhari-Sandakphu-Gurdum-Rimbik-Darjeeling-Kolkata!

Journey on the Toy Train: Train leaves from New Jalpaiguri and reaches Darjeeling in about 7 hours! But trust me you won't mind.


The Trek:


Simple! Wasn't it :)


msr said...

Maneybhanjang & Sandakfu ?

Abhishek said...

Thanks MSR. Added :)

Smita said...

wow!!! Awesome snaps!!! :)

Am sue it must have been a fun trip!!!

Vaibhav said...

very nice work asty