Sunday, January 13, 2008

Aditya Birla Group does 'more' to Trinethra

After aviation industry, it's consolidation time in India's retail sector. And if the former has been heavy on our pocket the latter should be friendly to it. Aditya Birla Retail, an Aditya Birla Group company acquired 'Trinethra Super Value', a chain of retail stores owned by India Value Funds.

Trinethra has got a huge footprint in South India with stores named Trinethra in Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu and Fabmall in Kerala and Karnataka. It has got warehouses in various cities as well.

The new stores have been named 'more' and sport an orange and light green colours.

To be honest I have found 'more' not very different from 'Spencer's Daily'. It is too early to tell how will 'more' diversify. It could be on the lines of Spencer's which has got different names for different size stores:
4000-7000 sq ft: Spencer's Daily.
8000-15,000 sq ft: Spencer's Super
25000+ sq ft: Spencer's Hyper

Ofcourse as the size of stores increases, the variety of items also increases.

Second style is the one pioneered by Pantaloon Retail and followed by Reliance Retail. Having a different brand name and look for different products. Both the retail giants have a flagship store (Big Bazaar and Reliance Mart respectively) and multiple stores which can be termed as niche stores. Reliance has been making lot of noises in this segment with it's Reliance Fresh stores which enjoy deeper reach due to their numbers. Reliance has started a footwear store chain called Reliance Foot Print, a health care store chain named Reliance Wellness and are soon going to start an electronics chain as well. Pantaloon retail however is miles ahead with about 15 brands which include an e-Commerce company (, a shopping mall (Central), a medicine chain (Tulsi) and loads of stores having apparels targeted at different age, income and size bracket!

'more' has lots of competition on hand already and coming months are not going to be easier for sure!


Vaibhav said...

Ya there is one reliance jewelery store opened near by home :)