Tuesday, August 14, 2007

6 Faces of India

60 years of freedom, more than 6000 years of existence! India is an enigma which can't be described in words! 6 images can hardly be sufficient! But they are what my camera captured.

India vs Bharat

India vs Bharat

Swanky overpriced malls to over-crowded 'wholesale-price' wholesale markets, everything is available for everyone.

And it is this consumerism which makes India supremely confident and conveniently ignorant about the plight of flood, drought and apathy struck Bharat!
33 crore and counting...

33 crore and counting...
India seems to be overflowing with Gods of all colors, caste, creed and ofcourse religion! You can see 'samadhis' or 'majaars' bang in the middle of road, where no municipal commissionar
can dare to touch them!
The deep scars in the hearts of society, made by Vote bank politics in the name of religion, will take generations and definitely a divine intervention to heal.
Color Pallet

Color Pallet
Ask any foreigner, what hooks them to India. The answer 9 times out of 10 (or as Sunny Gawaskar said, 20 times out of 19) will be "Its Colors"! You can treat these colors as symbol of anything you want, the diversity stays.
Monumental Concern

Monumental Concern
Once a symbol of love, The Taj according to me is now also a symbol of:

1) India being fastest growing market of cell-phones and internet users (how else we catapulted it to 4th rank in 'New 7 Wonders')

2) Absolutely myopic political leadership in India (Mayawati nearly put it on the death bed)

3) The Great Indian Spirit of Survival! (Surrounded by smoke spouting industries and vehicles, The Taj still Lives!)
Gods and Goddesses

Gods and Godesses
From Raj Kapoor to Rajinikanth, Indian Cinema (heavily "inspired" from everything else!) makes strides. And mind, I am not just talking about Bollywood or Hindi Cinema, every regional language shines through with its class (and kitsch!). Did someone say
anything about 'Bhojpuri Spiderman'?
Hues of Freedom

Hues of Freedom
I had the option to interpret this photo in whatever way I want. Millions of children being deprived of education and being forced to work or beg in inhumane conditions or economic
disparity being shockingly apparent in our society. But I chose to dedicate this to the smile on the face of child. For me it symbolises the dream, faith and innocence that we have not lost. Well, not completely!

'I' for India!


Vaibhav said...

Excellent Blog Abhishek, happy independence day.

Ankur said...

Amazing post Abhishek. Its the best of your blog...Happy Independence Day

Nakul said...

Great blog Abhishek...you have really captured a gr8 Indian diversity in these 6 pictures. Nice work

Yogi-at Meditation! said...

The Last paragraph is really astonishing..great blog dude.

Neha said...

Well I don't have anything new to say.....gr8 blog...u've again proved what I keep on telling u all the time...u r a genius :)

Abhishek said...

Ohh.. Thanks so much for all this praise! I really feel humbled by your generosity.
Thanks a lot.