Saturday, July 22, 2006

The spirit is lacking

The latest topic of discussion in Indian media, specially English, is about Mumbai's 'spirit' and 'resilience'. As usual after the frenzy of terrible blasts, the media was back next day with spirited stories about Mumbaikars' resilience and how the city's spirits are not subdued in spite of the heavy losses, and I am not talking about monetary losses. These are the losses that no one would be able to compensate for!

But Mumbaikars themselves raised their voices against this nonsense about these often misused words which give easy excuses to those responsible for not doing their duties properly. Honestly I don't have any opinion or even a first hand knowledge about Mumbai's now world famous spirit and resilience but I read a blog which said that all this hype about resilient Mumbai glorifies the growing insensitivity towards fellow human beings. Do Mumbaikars have an option of not going to work next day? Ten others are standing in the line to claim the job you may have got after going through grind.

So now our media has started the discussion (or is that an introspection?) about how true are the claims about spirit and resilience. I don't know what direction these discussions will take, but if I am less than hopeful there is a reason.

Though I give media its due credit for what they do in times of crisis (Media people are first to reach any secluded spot after any natural disaster, where Government Officials reach days or weeks later) and bring to us the miseries of people, but it is the insensitivity with which they carry out their jobs that makes me anguished.

After every tragedy, senior editors of news channels, in their personal columns or discussions express their views about how media should respect the dead and privacy of the kins. That dead bodies should not be shown, specially when they are in bad shapes. But when the next tragedy takes place, the only thing that remains to be respected and considered is TRP. Forgotten are tall claims and considerations. Once again mikes are being thrust in the faces of wailing relatives for sound bites. Once again death is commercialised and it doesn't help if this in-your-face violence is telecast with a sad music in background!

Some of the editors are candid enough to accept that their own people are not practicing what he himself was preaching. But honesty only won't do! This is the time media shows some spirit.


Vaibhav said...

media aajkal conc. on 3 things:

want to show that Government is useless !

all happening is very big and our channel covered to first ....

and how to make news sensational.

Abhishek said...

Second point is absolutely true!