Thursday, June 15, 2006

Life mein Twist!

Scene 1:
"This MMTS is a good thing yaar. Within half an hour and for just 5 Rs. we can reach Necklace Road directly. It's so much better than bus."
"Ya, we can come here, every weekend. Have an icecream and roam around and then be back in time!"

Scene 2:
"My relatives are leaving their flat after a month or two. We can shift to that one, it is cheaper and has markets nearby. Only problem is that it's a little far."
"OK , we shall consider it."

Scene 3:
"My project is getting over in september. I think we can try for a transfer to Delhi then."
"Yeah, I too will try for Delhi.Then we can go together."

And then comes THE monday!

"Abhishek, did you get any mail from MATC ?"
"No, what's the matter ?"
"They are transferring everyone who is unbillable to Mumbai!"
"What! Really??"

...and then

"Hi Abhishek, I got transferred to Mumbai!"
"Oh! So bad."
"What about you?"
"I have no news. No one in my team got any mail from MATC."

but next day.....

"I want four people to volunteer for going to Mumbai."
"What? No one wants to go?
"Ok. I want to go."
"And me too."
"Good. You all can decide who are the other two, and tell me."

No more trips to Necklace road. No more plans of shifting to relatives' house. No more plans to try for transfers to Delhi!

Life just got snapped!

Goodbye Hyderabad. Hello Mumbai.


Neha Bhardwaj said...

Abhishek, jo bhi hota hai aache ke liye hota hai....... Mumbai is great yaar, khub aish karega tu wahan pe........ wahan pe ek bhoot bangla hai jiske occupants hain Jassi, Deepu, Ankur, Asissssss aur Rakesssss, visit tat place and u'll enjoy (i haven't been there but Deeput bahut baatein sunata hai) aur har weekend everyone ghumne jaate hain, don't worry what happens happens for the good. kya pata tum bhi SAP BASIS mein aa jao...... ALL THE BEST!!!!!