Thursday, April 06, 2006

Country / politics=0

Flashback to 1990s: Mandal Commission recommends reservations in jobs. Despite wide-spread anger and protests, V.P. Singh government passes the bill and India changes for ever.
Now back to 2006: Manmohan Singh government increases the reservation in educational institutes to 50% and introduces reservations in private sector jobs. India is nomore left to be changed!

The worst thing in this issue is that no political party is willing to initiate any discussion on the merits or demerits of the quota system and how it will affect the society. Time and again since Mandal-1 our sociologists and academecians have been saying that quota on the caste system is actually doing more harm to society and country than good. It is increasing the divide amongst castes, since people of unreserved castes look down to those getting benefits due to this system. And I am not saying anything about the quality of people coming in the prestigious institutes when quality is compromised.
BJP is only concerned about 'violation of EC guidelines'. So rest assured, the bill will be passed after the elections are over. It is another issue that only a few years ago, Atal Behari Vajpayee had raised the issue of doing away with caste based quotas. No party will oppose this, for the fear of being sidelined in the elections by the SC/ST/OBC voters. And if they are risking any violations of SC directives, an amendment in law will be made very swiftly.
I really can't understand why are these politicians so short sighted that they can't see the future of country, of so many people living in this country, beyond their short term political gains.


Vaibhav said...

Flashback to 2005: Just 2-3 months before the IIT exam, there was a announcment(policy change) that student who are more than 2 yrs + 2 cant give the exam...

i dont know but personally i am(was) against this policy becasue in villages and towns like BIHAR where Education System is not so good and student have to put hell lot of effort to get those books, tutors that others can get it very easily... and even i saw those students who got selected and are top ranker in DCE and REC but due to IIT they didnt join it ...

"IIT not getting talented ppl, if it take those ppl becasue they are sort of Hardworking not talented" may be this is the only reason why this policy came under picture... NOW WHAT HAPPENED they don't want talent student ...

Making the things worse ....the drastic effect is going to be on international market .. where talented indian means ...IIT'ian ..

You remember the IBM chief last year said
"We are exporting brains from india, they are IIT'ian .."

Non of the political party will against it .. it can be done only by IIT'ians and ppl like us becasue we know a better impact.